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Hello friends!

I don't know about where you live, but we've had a recent cold snap here in Atlanta -- and one of my favorite things to do in a cold snap is cozy up in my studio with some hot tea and Norah Jones on Pandora to shoot products in our home studio. During nap time of course, the power hour of work from home mamas (because can any other time in the day be quite so productive? sigh.)  

I especially love shooting artisanal peices that have been hand-crafted locally here in Georgia.  I'm so proud to make sure these small businesses and crafty work from home mamas have all the imagery they need to showcase their beautiful work through their various social media platforms. Take a look at the gorgeous felt peices made by Atlanta's own Margaret Vera. 

If I'm being honest, I didn't always love to shoot products. I thought the whole process would be a bit dull, before I really dived in. I felt I wouldn't be able to allow my imagination loose! But turns out that isn't true at all. Product Photography, when you are doing it right, does have creative challenges! One can't just set the product up on the table and click away; The handles of the bag have to lay just so. I need to determine the most attractive angle, or fold the clothing item perfectly. Each item comes with its own version of this! For imagery containing props, I have to get into a marketing headspace. Backdrops other than white need to be collected and decided upon for each set -- grey, black and white marble are my current favorites. A multitude of props must be kept around and selected carefully. There is shopping to be done! White Background Product Photography really through me for a loop too; I envisioned it being a downright boring process but it ABSOLUTELY is not! It is an extremely detail oriented task and I thrive on projects which require my attention to a hundred little details. Each product needs just the right lighting, which is a lot of fun to figure out... like a puzzle! I'll never forget my first experience shooting reflective peices... or the first time I did an Art Documentation. After a few years of working with Products, they've come to be one of my favorite components of Gossett Photography. 

If you are a photographer and missing out on the perfectly wonderful market of Product Photography, give it a go! There is nothing better than working in your most comfortable leggings with a nice cup of coffee making sure your fellow creative has the PERFECT imagery to tell the story of their brand. If you've shot a lot of product photography, tell me about your favorite product to photograph and why!

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Until next week, 
Amber Gossett


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