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January 14, 2019  •  1 Comment

It's been too long friends, and I make no apologies because I have just been soaking up my daughters first year of life. But I promised myself that with this new year, which coincides with celebrating her first birthday, I would jump back into the world of social media and blogging. Last year, around this time, I talked about seasons of life; 2018 was a season for just maintaining my business as I embarked on the new adventure of Motherhood. And I embraced that... which was HARD after years of totally hustling to grow grow grow. In 2019, I have every intention of getting back into the swing of things; Oh how I've missed you and am ready to reunite with this little piece of my soul!

For the past couple of years, I've chosen a Word to begin each new year with. A word that would inspire me to be my best self. This year I have to admit, I  struggled! Then... fate. My friend from reached out to do a session just before my daughters first birthday and I realized that SHE was my last client right before going into labor. my word jumped out at me.

Kismet: Destiny; Fate. 

For years, I despised the word fate. I experienced a series of unfortunate events a few years before my daughter became part of our family... I won't go into those here because... long stories and if you've been following, you probably already know. But the gist is that I associated the word Fate or Destiny with the idea that I should find positivity in those sad times. I was absolutely not in a good enough head space to do so, so the very word and idea annoyed me. It taunted me, actually. So I think it's time to embrace this word now and start practicing the grace that it requires to let go and let be. To smile at the little things that just seem meant to be and feel okay with that phrase. 

Enough about me... what about you? I'd love to hear about your word for 2019 or how your 2018 word challenged you to grow! In the meanwhile, I'll share some of my favorites from the session:


MariettaAtlanta Blogger PhotographerKennesaw National Park Photography Kennesaw PhotographerAtlanta Blogger PhotographerKennesaw National Park Photography

When Gess told me the style session would be featuring athletic wear, I knew that the trails of Kennesaw Mountain National Park would provide the perfect backdrop to inspire readers to get up, get out and get moving.  I'm lucky this gem is here in Marietta, just around the corner from me!

Blogger Photography in AtlantaKennesaw PhotographerKennesaw National Park

It was about now that I explained to her what "Forest Bathing" was. She was graceful about my quirkiness and we agreed that I was in fact, a crazy hippie! If you didn't already know what forest bathing was before now, you - are - welcome... for either a new favorite past time or a good laugh if you aren't outdoorsy ;)

Marietta PhotographerBlogger Photography in AtlantaKennesaw National Park

Atlanta Blogger PhotographyKennesaw National ParkMarietta Photogapher

Kennesaw National ParkAtlanta Blog PhotogapherMarietta Photography Kennesaw National ParkAtlanta Blogger PhotogapherMarietta Photography Kennesaw National ParkAtlanta Blogger PhotographerMarietta Photography Kennesaw National ParkKennesaw PhotographerMarietta Photography


May 2019 bring you all the peace and joy your soul can possibly handle and then a whole lotta extra to sprinkle around like confetti.

I'll be back next week and hope you'll join me. 





I love the way you write. Beautiful words.
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