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On the evening of January 15th, exactly two weeks after her due date, we welcomed our daughter into the world. We sincerely appreciate your patience as we took 6 weeks to ourselves to admire the gift we've been given. And thank you, especially, for your patience with me as I enter back into the work force ... there is absolutely a learning curve to becoming a mom who works both inside and outside the home. 

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Many of you have asked about her birth and while we want to keep the specifics private, I will share two things I learned during the process:

1. The importance of building a birth team you can trust.

You are vulnerable and sometimes scared and it is imperative you are surrounded by people who won't exploit that. C was born into a room full of love. My husband delivered our daughter under the supervision of the midwife. The nurses perfectly understood how I carried previous hospital trauma with me and did everything to make sure I felt safe. The midwives of Nile Midwifery HEARD me and supported our choices. Our hospital had policies in line with our vision for her birth. Our doula Christine Strain pointed us in the direction of evidenced based information when we had questions and Annette of Womb Wise, our Bradley Method Childbirth Coach, was the calm presence that rounded out the team. My husband and I agree that if we had to do it all over again, we'd do everything the same and this is in LARGE part because of the people we surrounded ourselves with. If you're expecting, I highly recommended being diligent in the hiring process of your O.B. and hiring a Doula, as well as taking a child birth class with teachings in line with your values. I'd also recommend hiring a post-partum doula, something we did not do but looking back, would have benefited greatly from. 

2. You experience the birth you were meant to experience. 

I hear so many women these days shaming themselves, second guessing and harboring resentment and regret over the way they birthed and I absolutely refuse that course. Did everything go "as planned" for us? Absolutely not. But we had the birth that was meant for us. We learned the lessons we needed to learn. We met the people we needed to meet. We received the gifts we were meant to receive and the hardships we needed to experience to truly appreciate the moments of joy. 


Atlanta Birth Photographer

Thank you so much for all the love you all have been sending our way. As for work --> I'm currently scheduling Individual Style Sessions for bloggers & brands on Fridays and have resumed monthly Fashion Fridays (Bloggers & Brands, you can check availability and make your deposits for Style Sessions & Fashion Friday here). Additionally, Spring Family Portrait Sessions and Senior Sessions are in full swing (contact me directly to schedule). I look forward to getting back into the swing of things and working with all my regular clients again -- I've missed you friends! 


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